Illustrated Talks & Demonstrations


These inspiring talks or demonstrations have proven very popular in the West Country but Felicity will consider travelling further or talking on other gardening subjects.

All year round colour in the garden ~ how do you keep the show going all year round? It’s easy to have a colourful garden in spring and summer but what about other seasons? Felicity will show how it can be done!

Winter colour ~ our winter gardens can be dull but they needn’t be! Felicity will show how they can be brightened with flower, foliage, bark colour and scent.

Gardening in containers ~ some properties have only room for container growing but all have room for some plants in pots, baskets and other containers. Felicity will inspire gardeners by example of less common planting as well as the mainstream stuff. This might include edibles and some rather unusual containers!

Gardening for television ~ having presented [with her husband Alan and Sue King] almost 150 half hour programmes on regional TV, Felicity will recall the challenges and the practicalities of gardening for HTV Garden Calendar. The Garden Media Guild Highly Commended programme was filmed every week in Felicity’s garden at Cleeve.

Plants for the flower arranger ~ as a Constance Spry trained florist Felicity is especially qualified for this subject. With her extensive plant knowledge and good eye for colour, she knows from first hand experience how to grow plants that will delight.

Plants grown for fragrance throughout the year ~ we tend to choose plants for their flowers or for the colour of their leaves but there are many plants that should be in our gardens for their scent alone! Many winter flowering plants have strong scent but this talk highlights scented plants to grow all year round.

Great foliage plants ~ many plants have dramatic leaves that create the suggestion of tropical gardens! Some have beautiful leaves that make good contrasts with flowers or with other good foliage plants. Felicity will highlight those that can be grown outside with confidence in our part of the world.

Encourage wildlife to your garden ~ an increasingly popular and important subject as our towns and roads swallow up more of the countryside and our agriculture becomes more intensive in an effort to feed the Nation. Felicity will give you practical suggestions that can turn your patch into a wildlife oasis and bring your garden alive!

Growing herbs ~ the cultivation of herbs is centuries old but is probably more popular now than it has been for many generations. If you want to grow basil, thyme, parsley or know how to keep mint under control, Felicity will tell you how and cover far less common herbs too!

Making hanging baskets (this is best presented as a demonstration) ~ with experience of planting many hundreds of baskets, a florist’s eye for colour and the horticultural knowledge of how to cultivate colourful plants in what is a very demanding container, Felicity has lots of practical experience to share on this subject.

Plants with attractive bark and stem colour ~ discover the best varieties of plants that will provide distinctive bark formation and unusual stem interest. It’s not just about leaves and flowers!

Climbing and Wall Shrubs ~ create a fabulous living drape using plants for all seasons and positions. Learn how to grow these useful plants to provide an attractive display in unusual positions.

Plants to encourage butterflies and bees ~ masses of plants can be grown in the garden that are not only beautiful to us, but are useful to bees and butterflies. Find out about the fabulous varieties of flowers that provide nectar for our buzzing friends

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