Platinum Jubilee tree planting

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Platinum Jubilee tree planting in the village of Tintinhull is a project that I’ve recently taken on.

I was delighted to get the ball rolling with a VIP helping to plant our first tree!

We plan to plant several trees in prominent places in our village this winter.

All will be Platinum Jubilee tree planting celebrations!



The First Tree

We plan to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by planting over 25 trees in our South Somerset village this winter.

yellow ginkgo leaves

Autumn leaves of Ginkgo biloba

Our first tree to go into the ground is a Maidenhair Tree and perhaps better known by its botanical name of Ginkgo biloba.

I chose a Ginkgo to plant primarily because it is a very long lived tree.

But I know that in autumn it will be spectacular when the two lobed leaves change colour from green to yellow before falling.

In November I believe that there is no other better tree for autumn colour!

But I must admit that there are plenty of close rivals as you will discover in this blog that I’ve written on other trees with good autumn leaf colour here.

I also chose a Ginkgo because it looks very likely that it will cope well with climate change.

Plantings in cities have shown it to be slow growing and tolerant of air pollution.

Many Ginkgo trees have lived to over 1,000 years old.

The Ginkgo was once native throughout all of the Northern Hemisphere.

Ginkgo trees are thought to be extinct in the wild but it may exist in a remote part of China.




VIP Planting

a group of people around a tree being planted

The author describes the Ginkgo tree to the Lord Lieutenant Mrs Annie Maw [seated]

I was delighted when Lord Lieutenant Mrs Annie Maw accepted my invitation to attend the planting! It was a great honour to have her support.

I’ve know Annie for many years and know that she has a passion for gardening and has been a fantastic support to many gardening ventures.

She has been a huge supporter of Horatio’s Garden Charity at NHS spinal injuries units around the UK.

Deputy Lord Lieutenant Ted Allen supported the Lord Lieutenant on what turned out to be one of the few dry days.





National Tree Week

Can you imagine my surprise when Lord Lieutenant Mrs Maw accepted my invitation and would be available so soon?

We rapidly booked the only morning that she had free in her diary before Christmas!

Appropriately this day was December 1st and exactly midway in the Tree Council’s annual National Tree Week.

The National Tree Week is a celebration of existing trees but also a focus on planting new ones.

It comes at the very beginning of the traditional tree planting season which lasts until March.





Little Helpers

School children planting a tree

Pupils of St Margaret’s Primary School help the Platinum Jubilee tree planting.

A class from Tintinhull’s school assisted Mrs Maw and me in the platinum jubilee tree planting.

The class of Year 4 brought trowels and all helped to put soil around the roots of the tree.

Watching on were over 40 local residents.

We planted this tree on the Village Hall Green.

It’s right in the centre of the village where it has amble room to develop.





The Queen’s Green Canopy

This Platinum Jubilee tree planting has already been registered on the Queen’s Green Canopy website.

It’s a scheme to plant specimen trees, avenues of trees, hedges, copse and woodlands.

We are going to plant several trees this winter as part of the National Queen’s Green Canopy.

A small area on the edge of the Playing Field has been earmarked to plant a copse of silver birch trees. These will blend in with the native trees in this area and also be good for wildlife.


Ginkgo, Maidenhair, tree, trees for autumn colour, garden

A Ginkgo tree in November

Fallen gold Ginkgo leaves

Fallen gold Ginkgo leaves











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