Cyclamen like it cool.

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Cyclamen like it cool

mini cyclamen plants

Miniature varieties look great massed together

For a cool room, glazed porch or north or east facing cool windowsill, a pot Cyclamen is the best choice.

Buy locally

I’m convinced that you will get a better quality cyclamen if you can buy them locally. This is local-ness is important and not just for the obvious reasons of supporting British growers and the rural economy. Plant miles are reduced and they spend less time in transit.  Trucks can be dark and draughty.

As a result locally grown plants arrive in better shape when they reach your home!

The ultimate test

cyclamen, pot, plant

The ultimate quality test

I use a test that when checking on the quality of cyclamen – and it’s a test for the brave. I invert the whole plant onto the palm of my hand.

My fingers are spread apart to sit between the flowers. If grown well the plant should easily support its own weight just on its’ leaves. It shouldn’t buckle under the pressure.

Naturally, I always look for lots of flower buds developing under the leaves too.



Key Care Tips

Cyclamen are easy enough to care for but here are a few tips that will make all the difference ~

  • Water only when the leaves begin to wilt.
    cyclamen, cyclamen like it cool, houseplants

    Cyclamen Halios

  • Water only from the bottom of the pot.
  • Keep in a cool place with good light.
  • Remove yellowing leaves and fading flowers from the base of the corm with a twist and a sharp tug. Tug towards the centre of the plant. This ensures that you leave no bit of the stem attached to the corm and avoids rots starting.

I find that you can keep well grown and well cared for Cyclamen for many years but remember that Cyclamen like it cool.

lady holding a cyclamen plant in a glasshouse

Top quality British grown Cyclamen

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cyclamen like it cool

Cyclamen are great windowsill plants

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