Great British Wildlife and Environment map reviewed

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A Great British Wildlife and Environment Map dropped into my letter box recently and the creator, Marvellous Maps, have asked me to review it.

It was kind of them to ask me to do this and send me this map free of charge.

I guess they had heard that, next to gardening, I’m very keen on wildlife.

I’ve been very fortunate to see very exciting wildlife in Africa, Brazil, India, North America, Alaska and other countries but this map concentrates on the wildlife here on our doorstep.

It turns out that we are extremely fortunate in having lots of great wildlife right here in the UK!



About the map

The Great British Wildlife and Environment Map comes in a very convenient and usable form. In fact it’s just like those oh so useful Ordinance Survey maps. Even before I open it that gets a big thumbs up from me!

I like the way the map is printed on both sides and easy to handle and fold.

It’s fully colour printed and has a sensible shower proof stiff cover. And most importantly it fits comfortably into my cargo sized pockets.

Great British Wildlife and Environment Map

Detail packed map

What does it contain?

I found the map is stacked full of details!

But using it on a journey you may find it tricky to navigate. I would recommend using a road map alongside it.

But to be inspired about what wildlife to look for and know more about the environment, this has to be the map where you start planning your journey!

If otters are your thing, they’re on this map!

Perhaps you’d like to see black grouse lekking and you’ll find the best place on this map! By the way you can watch an amazing video of black grouse lekking right here.

orca, killer whales

A pair of orca/killer whales – pic by author

Maybe watching orca [aka killer whales] off the Western or Northern Isles is your idea of a really wild experience [it is mine!]

This map you will have you amazed at how diverse and exciting the wildlife on our doorstep is!


Wow, what detail!

I love the way that this map has so much detail!

There is bound to be something that’s exciting to see and not far from where you live.  I’m sure that this map will help you find it.

I’m spoilt for choice in my area. There’s several places to visit to see wild orchids, masses of wildflowers, a murmuration of starlings in winter, bitterns and hobby in summer and masses more!

I find it useful that there’s side panels to read up about RSPB, National Nature and Wildlife Trust Reserves.

Other panels entice you to visit parts of the country that are noted for great wildlife viewing or especially unusual species to see.

Detail of map

Panels give great inspiration.

Plan your next trip

I’d recommend that you use the Great British Wildlife and Environment Map to plan your next adventure!

Plan a short trip or a long one. I’m sure that this map will inspire you!

On the back there is a wild trip tour of Great Britain. This would be a fantastic trip to take. It even includes trips to St Kilda, Shetland and to Lundy Island and exciting wildlife can be found on all these places!

There’s Top 20 Things to See In Your Lifetime and it’s made me realise that I’m running out of time! I have seen well over half of them and many of the rest but not without jumping on a plane and leaving these shores.

The Great British Wildlife and Environment Map is just the thing to work your way through this wildlife bucket list.



Are there any draw backs?

Yes there are but this may be just a personal thing.

This map is stuffed full of puns and after a while that becomes a bit wearing!

I don’t think that such a good resource needs to resort to this approach but as I say, that could just be a personal thing!


You can buy your own copy of this map right here.


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