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Cloudshill Succulents kindly sent me three succulent plants to review a couple of months ago.

These plants were sent to me free of charge. This has not influenced my assessment of them!

I have a small collection of succulent plants already and I’m always happy to add more of these easy to care for plants.


Cloudshill Succulent plants

With careful packaging the plants had suffered very little in transit. One had lost most of its potting compost and required re-potting. The others merely needed a little more sharp draining compost added.

I was impressed to see that tissue paper was used rather than bubble wrap.

Each small pot [6 cm] had presumably left the Cloudshill Succulents nursery with a label stuck to each pot. These had become detached during the journey and all that remained was the glue which attracted all the loose soil in the packaging. I’m sure that this is something that can be quickly remedied  in future.


Plant Varieties Received

Cloudshill Succulents, Senecio. String of Pearls

String of Pearls – Senecio rowleyanus



I was delighted to receive a ‘String of Pearls’ [Senecio rowleyanus] plant. This had been on my plant ‘wish list’ for sometime. This quickly settled down in our home and hasn’t looked back.


Finding a ‘String of Hearts’  [Ceropegia woodii] plant equally pleased me. This had long trials of growth.


To prevent each tiny heart-shaped leaf getting damaged the trails had been carefully wound up . However the trails were very long when I unfurled them. This was a lovely surprise!



A blue-grey leafed Echeveria is the third plant.

The Echeveria was the plant that needed re-potting.



How are they doing?

Ceropegia woodii, String of Hearts, plant

String of Hearts – Ceropegia woodii

After a couple of months in our kitchen all plants are doing really well!

The String of Pearls has added quite a few more pearls and the String of Hearts plant has virtually doubled in size. Both of these two hang down the front of our kitchen dresser.

I’m hoping that the Echeveria will ultimately become big enough to join others outside in a sunny spot each summer. I love the uniformity of the leaf arrangement of Echeveria.






Care Instructions from Cloudshill Succulents

String of Hearts is always a real eye catcher and often a conversation started too!

Here’s how to care for a String of Hearts plant.

String of Pearls plants are easy to care for. Do bear in mind that they are slower growing.

Cloudshill Succulent String of Pearls care tips here.

The Echeveria plant didn’t have a variety name with it. My educated guess would be that this is the variety ‘Lola’. Fortunately Echeveria don’t require a great deal of care and all are easy!

Check out Cloudshill Succulents tips for Echeveria care here.


Cloudshill Succulents plants


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